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Randy's Western Auto

Antlers Chainsaw and Small Engine Repair

At Randy's Western Auto, we love what we do. Our service work is well known in the greater Antlers area and we have a special interest and expertise in chainsaw repair and small engine repair.

Chainsaw Repair

When cutting lumber, trimming difficult branches or cutting whatever, working chainsaws are not only productive but safe. Safety when working with power tools is priority #1. The well working chainsaw provides maximum productivity for your project or maintenance job. A well-adjusted, well lubricated and maintained chainsaw will last a long time. However, if the tools you use are used often, this will cause excessive wear and tear on the parts and lower the life expectancy of your gear.

If you are a chainsaw user, eventually you will have to bring it in for maintenance. If your chainsaw breaks down or isn't running as it should then stop by Randy's Western Auto. We have been helping the people of Antlers get the right cut for more than 20 years.

Small Engine Repair

As with chainsaws, we also handle all manner of small engine repair. Our technicians are completely knowledgeable in, and excel at, handling the repair of the small engine in your lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, your lawn tractors, leaf blowers, edgers, tillers, or any outdoor power equipment.

From chainsaws to gas powered hedge trimmers, and lawn mowers to a vast assortment of cordless hand tools, we proudly service all ranges of lawn and garden and outdoor green space equipment.

For more information about our services, please contact us by phone at (580) 889-3329 or by email.